City of All Faiths

One of the oldest city-states known is the ancient City of All Faiths, formerly known as the City of the Sun, founded by the Aatashi and home of the Great Library for millennia. Located on an inhospitable coast, the City has no resources beyond its scholarship – the Library was originally built as a teaching center for the Church of Aatash, but it gradually accumulated knowledge on almost every subject. The City is too poor to pay the Druids to cultivate their fields, so to keep the City fed the Aatashi brought many Zamini in to help craft a massive and elaborate irrigation system. The system, a magnificent mechanical-magical hybrid, kept the populace growing and happy. The numbers of the Zamani grew to nearly equal that of the Aatashi (with a significant minority of humans), and many scholars from around the World arrived daily through the portal. The City was peaceful, devoted to the maintaining the Library and the irrigation that made it possible.

Forty-five years ago this changed under unclear circumstances. Fighting sprang up between the Aatashi and the Zamani, and in the resulting chaos the Storm Lord – a powerful cleric of Tugaya – seized control by using his manipulation of the weather to keep the population fed and subservient. Setting himself up as tyrant, he sealed the Portal and ended all contact with the outside world. The City of the Sun was now the City of Storms.

Fifteen years afterward, the heir to the city returned and led a successful uprising against the Storm Lord. The Library and the Portal were re-opened and the city was given its current name. Despite the best efforts, racial tensions in the city remain between the Aatashi and Zamini. Many Tugayani remained in the city even after the Storm Lord’s death, and significant anger lingers against them among those citizens who remember the tyrant’s rule. There is now a small colony of Sukuni in the city as well, sent to help stabilize the remaining resentments. The costs of rebuilding the city and the Library have also impoversihed the community (especially given the lack of natural resources), which has led to simmering unrest.

The city from which the Storm Lord originally came has declared a feud against the City of All Faiths and steadily infiltrates assassins and saboteurs to cause as much damage and misery as possible. There are rumors that the Storm Lord did not act alone, and that there may be greater forces behind both his initial attack and the current raids.

The current leader of the city is the Prelate, Elyria Asim, an Aatashi woman in her late forties. She is advised by a Council of six ministers with specialized portfolios. Elyria commands much popular support – her personal bravery during the revolt against the Storm Lord has become legendary – but she has struggled to restore the city to its former glory. The assassination of her husband by Tugayani agents ten years ago brought her great grief, but also strengthened her popular support and intensified the inter-city feud. The succession of the city’s leadership is assured through her teenage son, Teymur, though his indulgent lifestyle make many wonder if he can lead a city devoted to scholarship.

On the advice of her ministers, Elyria has begun a new effort to secure resources, allies, and opportunities for the City of All Faiths. Without better economic and political positions the city and the Library may again be lost to Khalaam.

City of All Faiths

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