The paragons are agents of the Gods, endowed with great powers (including eternal youth) but entrusted with complete autonomy to pursue a virtue of their choosing. They were established after the downfall of the Dragons.

Each paragon has a group, known as a Cult, that follows and supports it. These Cults seek to promote and emulate the virtue of their patron. The Cults vary in organization, hierarchy, and activity.

There are currently four paragons:

Paragon of Courage

Paragon of Transience

This paragon has changed names many times, with their original name unknown. Their cult, symbolized by an inverted cup, encourages changing elements of one’s life, getting rid of possessions or acquiring new ones.

Paragon of Knowledge

The Aatashi Sinan Farabi has been a paragon for nearly a thousand years, though he has been in hiding for the last several decades. His whereabouts are unknown but the Cult of Knowledge continues to work independently.

Paragon of Life

This paragon has not been seen for centuries, and their name is forgotten. The Cult of Life continues to work actively to lessen suffering around the world. Their symbol is a silver disk.


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