Elyria Asim: Prelate of the City of All Faiths.

Taymur Asim: prince and heir of the City of All Faiths. He has a well-earned reputation for gluttony and irresponsibility.

Bostli: an orc assistant of debatable usefulness.

Hasina: a Sukuni woman. Steward in the Prelate’s palace.

Zende Jabal: Minister of Security in the City: A male Zamini with a distinguished record. Responsible for the Portal Guardians, militia, and law enforcement.

Ravid Mohsen: as Minister of Education, responsible for the Great Library, schools, official city histories.. An elderly male Aatashi. One of Elyria’s closest advisors.

Omosupe Mutemi: Minister of Food. A female Zamini responsible for maintenance of the irrigation system, distribution of water, fertilizers, and food.

Negeen: Minister of the Treasury. A female Aatashi known for her attention to detail. Responsible for the budget, taxes, tariffs, payroll, and negotiating with the Treasury.

Eulal Tahir: Minister of Trade. A human male responsible for the marketplace, weights and measures, external trade, portal inspections.

Dinah Tarsa: Minister of Arbitration: a female Aatashi responsible for diplomatic contacts with other cities, judges, and reparations.


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