Arxenna: a Dragoncity ruled by Kuriark, a huge green dragon. Formerly the only Dragoncity visited by the Endless Caravan, until a plot by Kuriark led to its isolation.

Chelrak: an island not on the portal network. Home to a mysterious colony of shifters, with a rumored druid presence.

City of All Faiths

City of Light

Du Yae: a Tugayani city perched on the high walls of a steep valley. Known for its mine of sky amethysts.

Durom Falls: Northern Zamini city. Built on a large waterfall. Many waterwheels produce high quality grain flour. The soil is not amenable for trees, so wooden goods fetch a high price. Popular tourist resort.

Feng bao: Tugayani city, the home of the Storm Lord. Feuding with the City of All Faiths.

Firemount: city perched on top of extinct volcanoes, founded by the Cult of Courage to show they could survive in very dangerous lands. Mostly Tugayani, famous for its griffin colony. Not on the portal network.

Gwan-sho: Tugayani city literally perched on a mountaintop. Air is thin, wind whips by constantly, spectacular view of an impassable mountain range. Gwan-sho mines large amounts of gold and other precious metals, and the mountaintop is now riddled by hundreds of tunnels, and significant parts of the mountaintop now hang off into empty air. Sometimes called the “star city” for its four long “arms” that project outward over the valleys. One of these arms was destroyed under mysterious circumstances three decades ago. Long ledges and spires project off into the air, with houses dangling from their bottoms and sides. It is run by two families, the Chou (rich) and the Yin (less so). Food is in large demand due to small growing area. Food grows on small terraces, the sides of overhangs, sometimes on the side of bare rock.

Jalal: an Aatashi city close to Dragon-controlled territory. Unusual in that it has a fair number of Dragonborn.

Je-rash: not on the portal network, but near Taranti. Population is Tugayani and Aatashi. Good relations with the City of All Faiths.

North Crossing: a messy, lawless slave city of mixed races – about a third human, and the other 2/3 split among the godborn. Dragonborn are enslaved in large numbers and used in the extensive farms and quarries around and under the city. The city has a king, but he is weak, and the true power brokers are the slave traders. The city is built on an ancient crossroads on rocky outcroppings.

Purumitra: a Sukuni city at the bottom of the ocean. It has an air-enclosed bubble around the portal for the use of Upworlders. Incredible kinds of fruit grown underwater, also exports salt.

Ritdamm: a gnoll city with a heavy presence of dragons. Built near marshes.

Shahram: An Aatashi city at the edge of a sandy desert and a flat plateau. A trickle of a stream comes down from the plateau, where the city is built. Shahram makes fine quality glass from the local sand. There are kilns and furnaces in almost every house, leading to additional heat on top of the desert’s. Houses are made of a kind of baked clay that does not burn. Many have highly polished brass or copper on the roof to catch the sun’s rays, which can easily dazzle non-Atashi. There is a 10’ adobe wall surrounding the city.

Taranti: a mixture of races with a good number of humans. It has a reputation as a factional, somewhat dangerous city. Popular as a place for shady deals, but not smuggling – the king keeps a very close reign on who and what goes through the portal. Small fishing industry.

Tellafra: a multi-racial city set in temperate, forested hills. Monarchy with the crown passed to adopted children, always of a different race (always Godborn, of course). Harvests rare woods, herbs, plants, fire opals, and animals from the surrounding woods. Also processes these into useful goods. There are large numbers of dragonborn in the woods around with whom the city has an uneasy, but peaceful, relationship.

Tu-vah: a Tugayani and Sukuni city on the coast south of the City of All Faiths. It is composed of an archipelago, and its citizens are expert fishermen and sailors. The central authority is very loose and the city is known as a smuggling haven.

Wadaka: a Zamini city with a long term grudge against Gwansho.

Z’kom: an island city not on the portal network. It is forbidden in the city to refer to names, nations, or families. Everyone in the city wears masks to conceal their identity.

Zochi: a portal city two weeks walk from the City of Light. Built from sandstone on an ocean inlet. The buildings go right down into the water. Mixed race city with a heavy Sukuni influence. .


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