“Together, I think we can make that stronger.”

-Kner, Zamini leader

Zamini are tall, broad shouldered, with brown, rough skin. They have dark, short hair, and are often bald. They are slow to become emotional, but once set in their minds they are hard to persuade. An angry Zamini is not easily soothed, an ecstatic Zamini will dance for hours without a rest. Once started on a task, they are highly focused. This makes them extremely dependable as workers or soldiers, but somewhat overbearing socially. Some other races find the Zamini intensity unsettling.

Zamini society is orderly and stable. Families are organized in large clans of a hundred or so individuals. Family structure is of extreme importance in Zamini culture – clan members are expected to support each other as steadily and unwaveringly as the rocks support the mountains. This tight-knit social structure makes Zamini culture somewhat unwelcoming to other races.

Associated element: Earth (acid)

Names: African sounding. See examples

Game statistics:

+2 Str, +2 Wis

Speed 25

Earthen resilience: as Tough feat

At 1st level: mending at will
At 3rd level: stone grasp (as entangle, 1/day)
At 5th level: stone shape (1/day)


Khalaam Khalaam