“Hey, I’ve never done that before!”

- Razzi, Tugayani ranger

The Tugayani are rail-thin, with paper white skin and hair. They have trouble sitting still, fidgeting constantly, with slightly manic eyes. Impulsive and eager, they will try something new at the drop of a hat – and often abandon projects half-done. Other races are often frustrated with Tugayani impulsiveness and unpredictability. They typically live at the tops of trees or on high mountaintops. Their cities are organized vertically as well as horizontally, which causes much consternation among visitors of other races.

Tugayani families are loose-knit, with children sometimes wandering from house to house as their whims suit them. Marriages are open and it is expected that any individual will have several partners in their lifetime. Social organization is similarly fluid. Adult Tugayani usually leave their home cities to wander the world, and at any given moment a Tugayani city might be populated only by the very young and the very old. They cannot abide the strictures of a dictatorship, but do not have the patience for democracy. Rulers and governments come and go quickly.

Associated element: Air (Electricity)

Names: Asian sounding. See examples

Game statistics:

+2 Dex, +2 Cha

Spd 35

Proficiency in acrobatics

At 1st level: feather fall, self-only, at will
At 3rd level: levitate, self-only, 1/day
At 5th level: misty step, 1/day


Khalaam Khalaam