“Let’s all discuss this calmly.”

-Kesh, Sukuni Cleric of the Deep

The Sukuni are powerfully built from lives at the crushing ocean depths, and are often awkward on land. They have dark skin ranging to black with long, thin, light hair. Their eyes are dark green-black, and are both unsettling and calming for surface dwellers to look upon. Sukuni fashions are intended to be seen while floating in water, and many individuals have elaborate, flowing hairstyles that can only be appreciated when suspended in ocean currents. Sukuni spending time on land will sometimes purchase magical hairstones that loft and suspend their hair.

Sukuni society is built for service to themselves and others. Almost all decisions are negotiated and discussed at length before coming to a decision. A common social activity is gentle but thorough debate on arbitrary topic. Sukuni are quite patient, accustomed to long swims through dark, featureless stretches of ocean. Most sentients find the Sukuni to be genuinely relaxing to converse with, and they are welcome almost everywhere.

Associated element: Water (Cold)

Names: Indian sounding. See examples

Game statistics:

· +2 Con, +1 Wis

Proficiency in diplomacy

Low light vision

Aquatic, Swim speed 40

Land Speed 25

At 1st level: friends, at-will
At 3rd level: calm emotions, 1/day
At 5th level:, detect thoughts, 1/day
Resist cold


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