Godborn races are those created by the four gods. They all have highly developed civilizations and varied societies. They include the Aatashi, Sukuni, Tugayani, and Zamini.

Humans are the result of cross-breeding among the Godborn races. Some humans can pass as one of the four original races, some look distinctly different. They tend to mix into other societies.

Dragonborn races are those created by the Dragons when they still weilded divine powers. There are literally hundreds of species formed by their uncontrolled magics. Only a few, however, have achieved real civilizations. These include the lizardfolk, the gnolls, and the goblins. “True Dragonborn” are the Dragons’ finest creation, and the closest in nature to their masters.

Shifters are a strange animalistic humanoid species. Neither the Gods nor the Dragons claim to have created them. The live in nomadic tribes in the wastes between cities. Their civilization is built around ancestor worship and they do not seem to worship any of the true gods. It has been suggested that there is a link between the shifters and the druids, but there is no evidence to support this.


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