Major languages include:

Aatashi (spoken by that community and scholars)
Zamini (spoken by that community and burrowing creatures)
Tugayani (spoken by that community and flying creatures)
Sukuni (spoken by that community and most underwater creatures)
Draconic (spoken by dragons and Dragonborn)
Caravan Cant (crude trading language used worldwide, especially by shifters. Spoken only.)

Language proficiency comes in three ranks, depending on how many points are put into that language: 1 (Basic): Understanding and use of everyday words and concepts, crude and clumsy speaking and writing abilities. Complex concepts, slang, and unusual vocabulary will not be understood. Thick accent. 2 (Proficient): Understanding and use of most words, smooth and clear speaking and writing abilities. Only highly technical or esoteric vocabulary will not be understood. Light accent. 3 (Fluent): Effectively a native speaker. No accent.

Note that a character can only have 2 ranks in Caravan Cant. As a pidgin language, it cannot accommodate complex concepts, and has no native accent. Keep in mind that it is impossible to express difficult or abstract ideas in Cant. Cant has no written form.

Characters start with 3 ranks in their native language (humans may choose any language as their native). They also receive 2 free skill points for each point of intelligence modifier that can only be spent on languages. For example, a Sukuni character with Intelligence 16 begins with 3 ranks in Sukuni (their native language). They also receive 6 free skill points to spend on languages however they wish: three different languages at 2 ranks each, 2 languages fluently, 6 languages with 1 rank each, or any other combination.

The linguist feat gives 6 language points.


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