The Prelate of the City of All Faiths is advised by an official Council. The Council is composed of six ministers:

Minister of Security: Zende Jabal (male Zamini)

Responsible for the Portal Guardians, militia, and law enforcement.

Minister of Trade: Eulal Tahir(Human)

Responsible for the marketplace, weights and measures, external trade, portal inspections.

Minister of Education: Ravid Mohsen (male Aatashi)

Responsible for the Great Library, schools, official city histories.

Minister of the Treasury: Negeen (female Aatashi)

Responsible for the budget, taxes, tariffs, payroll, and negotiating with the Treasury.

Minister of Food: Omosupe Mutemi(female Zamini)

Responsible for maintenance of the irrigation system, distribution of water, fertilizers, and food.

Minister of Arbitration: Dinah Tarsa (female Aatashi)

Responsible for diplomatic contacts with other cities, judges, and reparations.

In law, each minister has equal rank and weight of authority. In practice, individual ministers have varying importance depending on their relationship to the Prelate, their personal charisma, and the efficiency of their bureaucracy.


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