“I wonder how that works…”

-Ravid, Aatashi philosopher

The Aatashi are wiry and physically weak with bright red hair and shining gold eyes. They are talkative and perceptive. Highly social, they form and join groups easily, learning names and faces instantly. Known for their curiosity, they sometimes will pursue a new investigation with the slightest of clues. Aatash created them to seek out knowledge, retain it, and disperse it across the world.

Aatashi societies tend to be open and communitarian, with complex but efficient organizations. Families tend to be small. Individuals are respected for their knowledge and developed skills. Other races sometimes find the Aatashi snobbish and elitist, but almost everyone accepts that they are good at heart.

Aatashi social events often take place at incense and spice bars, where they sample exotic smells and tastes. Some Aatashi smoke a ritual herb called tarvash, which has a mild hallucinogenic effect, but this is looked down on.

Associated element: Fire

Names: Persian sounding. See examples

Game statistics:

+2 Int, +2 Dex

Proficiency in one Intelligence skill

Extra language

Produce flame at will
Resist fire
Inner flames: 2d6 fire damage in 15’ cone, Dex save, 1/short rest, as dragonborn breath weapons



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